I feel exactly the same way.

I’m looking into News Break too, but haven’t got a contract yet. When I do, I’ll definitely follow you. I don’t understand why, in the FB group you talk about, no one follows each other. You’d think it cost them money the way they hoard their follows.

To your wider point: this is all gross. This following, pandering, desperate-for-approval marketing bullshit it takes to make it as a writer disgusts me. I’d rather have 5 people who actually like what I do than 5 million braying seals who will clap for the same rehashed article every time I crap one out. That attitude means I’ll never make money here or anywhere else. I’m OK with that.

I could go on and on about this. About the way the world has taken what I love, taken something really precious, and pissed all over it. Art has always had a difficult relationship with commerce. But commerce has won.

But what can you do? Start writing Human Centipede IV, I guess.

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