I can’t see myself lasting 3 years here. For me, it’s not about the money. But it is about being read. And that’s not happening, even with curation.

I think for a lucky few who were on the platform years ago and happened to get big, it worked out. Not to diminish their achievements; I know they worked hard. But I don’t think that’s possible anymore.

Now, the way to be successful on Medium is to bring a huge following with you.

The ecosystem seems to consist of a few familiar faces soaking up all the money and attention, and the wannabes who emulate them with an endless churn of “7 Ways Kim Kardashian Is Your Spirit Animal” posts. Often, these are the same ones who comment on every article they can find with a generic “thanks for the share" to fool others into following them.

Then there are those who actually value writing and treat it like a craft. Like you. Like me. Like a few others we could both name. But one by one, I see them disappearing. Drowned out by celebrities on one hand and scammers on the other.

The recent article thrown together by Jerry Seinfeld’s intern is a prime example of where this platform is going. Not just for the article. But for the misguided and sycophantic comments that followed.

I try to stay positive on Medium. No one wants to hear me whining. But you’re not wrong. I wish you were. But you’re not.

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